Andy Rooney and the Gambling Business

I’ve never won but that doesn’t stop me from thinking “maybe next time.”

The gambling casinos keep something like 20 percent of everything bet for themselves, so there’s no chance of anyone but the casinos winning over a period of time. According to an American Gaming Association report, revenue from casino gambling fell by almost two billion dollars last year.

A lot of people are out of work and it turns out that when people are unemployed, they gamble less. Gambling produces nothing.

In 2008 the casinos earned $32.5 billion. I have good news for you tonight. All rights reserved.

Written by Andy Rooney

There’s only so much money in the world and if it’s lost at a gambling table, it’s money that isn’t spent on things America makes. They make billions – and where do the billions come from? They come from all of us because we’re the losers. I mean, suckers is what we are.

It’s a law for people to protect themselves by wearing seat belts for their own safety when they’re in car. You’d think they might gamble more but they don’t. I use the words “earned” and “only” loosely but casino income was down a lousy little two billion dollars last year. How come the government doesn’t protect citizens from losing their money by making gambling in casinos illegal? There should be a sign in front of every casino that says “enter at your own risk…of losing your shirt.”. Last year they earned only $30.7 billion. I mean who’s best for this country – a machinist at an automobile plant in Detroit or a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas?

If I write as though I was above all this, I’m not writing right. There’s some good things about everything, I guess.

The thing that bothers me most about gambling is that people fritter away money so they don’t get to spend it on things that someone else has been paid to produce. I think I can win. I’ve gambled half a dozen times in Las Vegas and even though I know how dumb it is. It’s enough to bring tears to your eyes.

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