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Poker Addiction – More than Just a Game

And so, Corey went to Barnes Noble, grabbed himself a copy of Doyle Brunson’s Super System, and began studying. Corey was watching, along with so many others, as Chris “Moneymaker” Bryan swept the WSOP tournament Championship after having won himself a seat to the event on a $39 online satellite. It wasn’t until 2003 that poker really began to capture Corey’s interest. We will delve into Poker Addiction: What it looks like, The story of an addict, Why it is so different from other addictions, and What you can do to stop playing or help someone else with a Poker Addiction.

What You Can Do To Get Help:

Lastly, know that you’re not alone in this one, there are many players just like my friend Corey, myself included.. Resolved that this was the answer, and empowered by having not been carded by the Floor, he drove home, grabbed a $100 bill and returned to the casino’s card room, and began playing $1/$2 no-limit. One day his father asked him if he knew anything about craps; his father, knowing his devotion to the game of poker, figured it was likely he did, as it was another form of gambling. Tie your money up in other, more beneficial things, invest in a CD, pay off some debt, save it – hell you might even take a vacation.

The addict however, will react much differently. While any of these factors may be true, the difference between how the addict deals with these situations, is very different than how a rational person would.

Next there are several other should look at doing: Make people around you aware that you have a problem and need their support; let your poker buddies know to stop calling you about games, if they don’t understand (and they probably won’t) tell them it’s like having a drinking problem, it would be wrong to ask an alcoholic out to drinks, and the same goes for asking you to go play Cards.

What Poker Addiction Looks Like:

Corey originally took interest in poker as a young boy. Millions have been won, fame has been captured, and in a wildfire frenzy of an enticing game something has been overlooked; for every winner there are many more losers, for every famous player, thousands who will never be heard of.

A player who is not addicted would recognize that for every loss there is a win, and that in the long run the cards all even out, maintaining optimal playing strategy at all times. This was a matter of addiction. As Corey was growing up he would play a little cards here or there with friends but never more than a couple of times. It was an $86 he could not afford to lose.

In the beginning of these house game, Corey lost, not badly, but he was never in the money. Further, while the addict will try to adapt to superior players, they will not be able to pull themselves from the game – even when they know they are the fish amongst sharks – until much (if not all) of their money has gone away.

Corey’s birthday was just around the corner, and he was excited about being able to get into some real action.  Below the links you’ll find a list of books that are can also be very beneficial.

How Easily Someone Can Get Addicted:

Next let’s take a look at the story of someone very dear to me, we’ll call him Corey.

The Poker Addict views the game of Poker as an entirely different realm of play than other forms of Gaming. It was time to start cashing in on his studies. He headed back to the book store. Eventually he was playing with people whom he’d never met, and had over 50 contacts who would be down to get a home game going, any night of the week. Now, don’t get me wrong, he didn’t lose every time he’d play. Playing online with free money, Corey found that it was difficult to rack up chips, and searching the internet for more help decided to blame it on the online players’ poor strategy and lack of skills. About a week later, Corey’s father was in town and took him to a buffet in one of the local casinos. Excited about the prospect of winning money at another game, as well as that of playing while still underage, Corey decided to stay at the table, he stayed until his $29 had disappeared, and another $86 along with it. After all, it was the idea of getting payed to play that made this game so enrapturing.

First step, STOP PLAYING. Usually coming in third or fourth place, he was uncertain of his game, but he knew how to get some help. The only way he could make that kind of money in the middle of the night was to play cards. He or she will allow for a more broad spectrum of starting hands to counteract bad luck. While Corey was very interested in his grandfather’s stories, he was much to young to truly appreciate them. Corey explained to his father that it was merely a game of chance, and there was not an element of skill, as there is in poker, nonetheless, the two agreed it would be great fun. Over dinner Corey told him what he had learned about the game, and the two decided that after dinner, they might give luck a chance and play a little. There were many nights when he would win in excess of $400, and his all-time record was $1100 in one day. Browsing through books of the poker greats, nightly reading their words of wisdom, Corey began to understand why he was losing at these games, and how to end that. Poker is a game of skill not a game of luck; it is on this basis that poker is so addicting. But in the end, after failing to pay rent, ruining relationships, calling in sick to work, because he’d been up playing all night, quiting several times and losing in excess of $5000 he was forced to realize, that this wasn’t a matter of a losing streak. Attending three regular games a week, and intermittently hosting a game here or there, Corey left the free play internet poker scene behind. They will often look sick from countless nights spent trying to recover lost funds.  Poker is a game of skill, it’s not played against a house who always has better odds, and one can improve their skill set.

Let’s examine the flip side of this glamorous game, a side filled with anxiety and regret. Learning to adapt his play, Corey slowly began to build a chip stack, of fake money and false hope.

Soon enough, Corey started playing at home games hosted by friends, and friends of friends. Admitting he didn’t Corey decided to go to the book store once again and learn a little about the game of craps. They will be very preoccupied with the game, constantly bringing up their most recent wins, and sometimes sharing big losses and bad beats. Continuing to frequent these games, Corey soon became known as “The Kid” and he was known for winning.

Below you’ll find a quiz that will reveal if you have a gambling problem.

Walking out of the casino, furious with himself for having been foolish, and anxious about the electric bill that money was supposed to pay, Corey decided there was only one thing to be done. On those websites you should also be able to find information about counseling and rehab. He was a young man, attending college with plans to become a restaurateur. And they will adamantly refuse to accept your concern that they might have a gaming problem, claiming that poker is not like other games. After gaining a thorough understanding of how to play basic Texas Hold’em, Corey signed up with an online poker site and began to work on his skills using “play money.” In his sophomore year of college, Corey still had another year before he could play poker legally, and it was his intent to use that year to learn as much as he could about the game. Half an hour later Corey was up $29 and his father down about $15, needing to get back home Corey’s father decided to call it a night and left. His grandfather taught him how to play 5 card draw while teaching him about the finer things in life: cigars, wine, women. When facing superior opponents, such a player would try to adapt, and if still out-classed, would seek a more suitable, and ultimately profitable, game.

It was here that Corey began a painful journey that took him through both the highest and the lowest times in his life. While that night was very long for Corey, the short story was that he lost $500!

The world of poker has grown fiercely over the past decade. Unlike other forms of gambling, where the old adage “the house always wins” holds true, with poker, there is no house, and the only edge one can have is his or her mind.

Finally Check out the resources below, knowledge is power, so use what you can, and learn what you don’t know.

When a Poker Player loses, they will go study more and return hoping to have improved their game, and many times they will, but just as the above video says, the line is crossed when something begins to negatively affect your life.

–To the Addict:

If a player does not recognize the addiction, he or she will often believe themselves to be having a losing streak, a string of bad luck, or simply playing against superior players. He had a bona-fide gambling problem, and for his own sake and the sake of maintaining the relationships he still had intact, he decided to do whatever it would take to quit for good.

How Poker Addiction Is Different:

–To an Outsider:

For those on the outside, watching a loved one who is addicted to poker can be difficult

The Heart of a Champion, with Historic Videos

After all, it had been 25 years since Citation’s Triple Crown win in 1948. Love ‘em. After weeks of watching him suffer, the decision was made to have the great horse humanely euthanized. Many handicappers thought that the big chestnut just didn’t have the stamina for the Wood. The two horses jumped out in front quickly and left the other three horses ten lenghts behind.  As Sham began to tire, Secretariat opened up an amazing distance.

There’s something about a horse that all horse lovers recognize and understand, although none can put it into words that will fully explain and convey the feeling to non-horse lovers. He had been suffering from laminitis. Of his 653 offspring, many were disappointments. In 1969, both Cicada and Somethingroyal were bred to Bold Ruler, but Cicada didn’t conceive.

When a successful racehorse dies, its head, hooves, and heart are usually buried, and the rest of its body is cremated. Many of the foals born to his daughters grew into great Thoroughbreds. A simple coin toss decided who would get first choice.

Secretariat’s horse racing career as a three-year-old started out well. The racing world was eager for his foals, and fifty-seven of them went on to be stakes winners. He began his official training as a racehorse on January 20, 1972 at Florida’s Hialeah Park.

Christopher Chenery sent two of his mares to Bold Ruler in 1968 – Somethingroyal and Hasy Matelda. There were several concerns about this particular race for Big Red’s owner and trainer. The track stewards awarded the win to Stop the Music and gave Secretariat second place. It was another story when it came to the broodmares produced by Secretariat, however. Secretariat was the favorite, but Sham was certainly a contender. Phipps and Bull Hancock of Claiborne Farms put their heads together to come up with a way to get the best Thoroughbred mares available to breed to Bold Ruler. Big Red’s stablemate, Angle Light, won, and Sham came in second. Most all of them lacked the speed, power, and stamina of their famous sire. Laminitis is often difficult to diagnose in the early stages. He redeemed himself in the Marlboro Cup, beating Orion and Riva Ridge and setting another world record.  Riva Ridge had won the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont in 1972.

With two legs of the Triple Crown under his girth, Secretariat became a household name. Meadow Farm was owned by Christopher Chenery, who divided the horse farm into Meadow Stud, the breeding farm, and Meadow Stable, for the racehorses. He found a painful abcess in Big Red’s mouth and felt that the discomfort averted the horse’s concentration.

After the Marlboro, Secretariat was entered in the Woodward Stakes, but he lost to Prove Out. The crowd went wild! America had another Triple Crown winner – the ninth one ever.

Secretariat had a very close relationship with his groom, Eddie Sweat. Sweat once told a reporter, “Only way horses win is to sit there and spend time with ‘em. After Hasty Matelda gave birth to her foal, she was replaced as a broodmare by Cicada. The colt remained unnamed for months, due to the stringent rules of the Jockey Club, the registry for Thoroughbreds.

There are two theories about Secretariat’s defeat. He also had an unusual way of running. He also had a thick neck and very muscular quarters. Get to know ‘em. The next year, the two Chenery mares delivered a colt and a filly. It was a beautiful chestnut colt with a star, a white strip, and three white socks. What had happened to the super horse?

The Chenery colt was often called “Big Red” by his handlers and by those closest to him. Not bad for a horse won on a coin toss.

During his years at Claiborne Farm, Secretariat might meet as many as 10,000 fans a year. They wanted Bold Ruler’s fillies to be part of their own breeding programs. The two horses, however, would meet again as two-year-olds.

On October 4, 1989, Secretariat died at Claiborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky. Even so, he had won sixteen important races out of the twenty-one in which he competed.  He had come in second in three races, and had placed third in one race. Secretariat’s usual jocky, Ronnie Turcotte, was out because of a suspension, so Eddie Maple rode Big Red in the race. On her eleventh try, Chenery’s sectretary, Elizabeth Ham, was successful with her name submission to the Jockey Club.

The 1973 Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown

The Kentucky Derby of 1973 was an exciting race. Secretariat had been placed in syndication, so he wasn’t allowed to race as a four-year-old or beyond. The ceremony was private, but fans somehow found out about it soon. As a result, the famous racehorse had won money in every race he ran except for one. He loved all the attention and would often “pose” willingly for pictures.

According to those who knew Secretariat personally, he had a wonderful temperament and a playful attitude. It was 1 1/8-miles long, and Secretariat was used to shorter races. Just three weeks later, he won the Arlington Invitational. As a result of his impressive performances, Secretariat was awarded the Eclipse. He won the International Stakes by 6 ½ lenghts – a great ending to his racing career.

The Death of a Legend

Bold Ruler was owned by Wheatly Stable and Ogden Phipps. Secretariat again started from behind, but by the first turn, he overtook the field and won the race by 2 ½ lengths. Horse racing fans were hungry for another Triple Crown winner. Next, he took on the field in the Man O’ War Stakes and won by five lenghts and setting a new track record that has never been broken.

Secretariat grew into a big, powerful horse. There’s an old saying about the breed’s heart: “A Thoroughbred throws its heart over a fence first, and then its body follows.”

Secretariat was foaled on March 30, 1970, at Meadow Farm near Richmond, Virginia. As an adult, he stood 16.2 hands tall and weighed almost 1200 pounds. He lifted his forelegs high before stretching them as far as he could.

The Kentucky Derby

In November of 1972, both Secretariat and Stop the Music were entered in one of the most important events for two-year-olds in Thoroughbred racing. He had been known to steal writing tablets from reporters and to hold a rake in his teeth and move it back and forth, as if he were cleaning the stables. It can cause the coffin bone to rotate, or even worse, the coffin bone can sink in extreme cases. He was also named American Horse of the Year, which is extremely rare for a two-year-old.

After the five aforementioned wins, Secretariat came in first in the Belmont’s Champagne Stakes, but he was disqualified for bumping Greentree Stud’s Stop the Music on a turn. By the time it was discovered in Secretariat, he was treated, but the laminitis did not respond favorably. Secretariat, however, was so loved and honored that he was buried whole at Claiborne Farm. Phipps won the toss, and he chose Somethingroyal’s weanling filly.

. He passed Sham, the leader, and went on to win the race by 2 ½ lenghts, setting a new track record, which has yet to be broken. In April of 1973, Secretariat was entered in the Wood Memorial, a testing ground for Kentucky Derby hopefuls. You love ‘em and they’ll love you too. All these concerns didn’t seem to bother Secreatariat. He had a deep chest with a girth of seventy-five inches. Secretariat came in third. They decided that instead of a stud fee, they would breed their impressive stud to appropriate mares – either two mares from the same farm or the same mare two years in a row – and Phipps would keep one foal and the mare owner would get the other. The nickname was the same one given to the great Man O’ War, another chestnut. As a lifelong horse lover, the best word I can think of is “heart.” While true of most horses, this term is especially appropriate for Thoroughbreds. Secretariat and Angle Light were the favorites to win, with Sham being next in line. This had to concern his owner and trainer because the upcoming Kentucky Derby was even longer, at 1 ¼ miles. Horses are large, heavy animals, and burying them in their entirety is difficult. To those who thought Secretariat lacked stamina, he proved them all wrong. Laminitis is an inflammation of the laminae within the hoof, making it painful to walk or even stand. For another, he had never run such a long race – 1 5/8 miles – before. Secretariat’s sire was Bold Ruler, and his dam was Somethingroyal. Three foals were at stake: Hasy Matelda’s, Somethingroyal’s, and the unborn foal of Somethingroyal. In his first race, the July 4, 1972 race at Aqueduct, he came in fourth. Next, he lost the Whitney Stakes by one length to Orion. As a matter of fact, he wowed onlookers at the Hopeful Stakes by passing eight other racehorses in just a quarter of a mile and going on to win by five lengths.

Chenery eagerly awaited the arrival of Somethingroyal’s foal. He was ninteen at the time.

The 1973 Belmont was held on June 9. For one thing, Secretariat had run on grass only once before. By the morning after, more than 100 flower arrangements adorned Secretariat’s grave. The concept is easy to grasp for equine aficionados, but it’s impossible to transfer the emotion to those who have never experienced it. His fans just couldn’t seem to get enough of him.

In May of 1973, Secretariat was entered in the Preakness, the second leg of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred racing. Since his death, an anonymous fan leaves twelve red roses on Secretariat’s grave every year on his birthday to honor and memorialize one of the greatest ever produced by Thoroughbred racing.

After retiring from racing, Secretariat was sent to Claiborne Farm, where he stood at stud. Only five horses were entered, but it was really a match race between two great racehorses – Secretariat and Sham. It was agreed that the winner of the toss would get first choice of the three foals, and that the loser would keep the other two foals. Sham came in second place.

On October 22, 1973, Secretariat ran his last race – the International Stakes in Toronto, Canada. You probably heard of some of Secretariats descendants: Smarty Jones, A.P. Secretariat’s picture adorned the covers of Sports Illustrated, Time, and Newsweek. People may call me crazy, but that’s the way it is.”

Secretariat had an unimpressive start as a racehorse. Now, that’s what you gotta do. Secretariat’s trainer, Lucien Laurin, had another theory for Secretariat’s loss. It arrived on March 30, 1970. Secretariat won by eight lengths, with Stop the Music coming in second. It was actually just the luck of the draw, or rather the toss of a coin, that gave Secretariat to Chenery.

The 1973 Preakness

Secretariat once again earned the title of Horse of the Year, along with two Eclipse Awards. In his next five races, however, Secretariat outran his competitors. He won the Bay Shore Stakes easily, and went on to nose out his competitors and win the Gotham Stakes at Aqueduct, tying the track record. Held at the Laurel Park Racecourse in Laurel, Maryland, the Laurel Futurity measured 1 1/16 mile over turf. This was the last race Secretariat would compete in before the 1973 Kentucky Derby, and his loss in the Wood Memorial was unsettling. Talk to ‘em. By the time the colt was a weanling, he finally got an official name – Secretariat. As he often did, Secretariat started out last, but he made his move in the backstretch. His career racing earnings were $1,316,808. He won the Belmont by an astonishing 31 lengths and set a new world record that stands to this day. People from all over made the drive to Kentucky to get a close look at the legendary champion. Indy, Storm Cat, Gone West, and Elusive Quality.

After winning the Belmont, Secretariat didn’t rest on his laurels. After the Laurel, Secretariat also won the Garden State Futurity, once the richest contest in the world for two-year-old Thoroughbred racehorses. Amazingly, the big red horse ran each quarter-mile of the race faster than the one before.

The famous coin toss took place in the autumn of 1969. Another problem was the jockey

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‘Breaking Bad’ Season 4, Episode 11, ‘Crawl Space’ Review, Predictions, Analysis

Skylar points out the contradiction that he had no problem cooking the books but don’t take gambling money? Ted tries to take a moral high ground, in effect saying he will be breaking bad.

A man carts laundry into the facility, Hank burst from the clothes gasping “do they have to be dirty?” Tyrus: “No…” Walt feels and smells around in the lab, realizing that someone has been cooking.

Walt drives Hank on day two of the stake out, Hank directs him to the super lab laundry facility. Walt’s pleas insult Jesse, he pushes Walt away. Hank says there were lots of bodies. Walt pleads for Jesse’s help. She adds that agents now guard her and Hank’s house.. His head compresses his spine abruptly, he lays motionlessly, a shot from above shows oranges fall onto him. Gus tells Jesse “I think you are ready to run the lab on your own now.” Jesse stops walking, tells him only if Gus lets Mr. Gus tells him of his friend’s and family’s deaths, and names them off. Walt tells Tyrus “I can’t hold off Hank any longer I have to take him to the distribution center.”

That night Walt interrupts Jesse’s wholesome family time with his girlfriend and her son. Jesse drives up to a sketchy rural Mexican silo honking the horn, the doctors open Mike’s door, but just let him fall, they grab Gus, give him a shot in the tongue and take him inside.

Saul disciplines the A-team, they say it [Ted's death? Ted is dead!] was an act of God. Saul calls Skylar, they discuss further measures to take with Ted.

At Hank’s home, Hank describes his neck brace as “one of those cones they put on dogs so they don’t lick their own balls.” Hank tells them all he bought a car he can operate with his hands. After Jesse leaves Tyrus tasers Walt to the ground.

Doctors furiously prep an emergency room in the opening scene of Breaking Bad. The camera pans up showing Walt laying 3 feet below the house, jacket disheveled, half way buried. Saul says “its gonna be fine I got my A-team on it.”

The cloud’s shadow moves on and in the brightness Walt thinks he has an upper hand on Gus. Walt sees that if Jesse can cook that Gus will no longer need Walt alive. When directed by Hank to make a u-turn Walt purposefully turns into on coming traffic and gets clipped on the rear of his car by a truck.

Saul’s A-team show up at Ted’s door (the red head guy and Saul’s black body guard “Hule.”) They tell Ted to write the check, and that they will hang out with him for 3 days until it clears. Saul reluctantly agrees but says he will only say that the cartel is going to make the hit.

Under the house, Walt claws through Skylar’s bags of clothes where she keeps all the money, Skylar arrives, Walt desperately asks where the rest of it is? Skylar breaks down and tells him she gave it to Ted, Walt falls in a heap after screaming bloody murder. In the madness, Marie calls, she’s crying and explains about the anonymous tip. What will stop Gus from killing the Whites? Breaking Bad predictions: Look for the abandoned Mike in Mexico to possibly reconsider Walt’s offer of a partnership against Gus. However, Gus says ” I must now deal with Hank” and he adds that if Walt interferes “I will kill your wife, son and infant daughter.”

Gus goes to retirement home to visit Hector. Saul gives Walt a number for the man that can make his family disappear with new identities, but warns that it will cost half a million and that they will need to be ready to go immediately. Walt asks about any “cartel” activity, but tries not to sound too interested. A cloud’s enormous shadow sweeps across the desert floor moving menacing and swiftly. Then he laughs maniacally. White go, Gus says that won’t work, Jesse tells Gus, “then you got a problem.”

Jesse walks in with Mike, his blood spills out like globs of paint

Walt does his best impression of Jack Nicholson Joker from the end of Batman. Hank gets real anxious, misses the turn on purpose. Hank asks about Walt’s face, Walt says he’s done talking about it

Skylar listens to her messages Beneke says he can’t do it [pay the IRS]. Gus even tells him that Jesse (pointing him out) killed his grandson.

Gus enters on his feet, the doctor says Mike must stay. Ted tries to run away, but trips on his rug, again! He falls flat on his face, slides on the ground directly into a hard wall. He lays motionlessly, dead?

Walt kneels in the desert with a black sack over his head. Hector also holds a wild card, his hatred towards all the main characters will throw a wrench in the situation undoubtedly.

Hank and Walt wait outside “the farm” distribution center, Walt shows anxiety, he asks when they will be done. Walt scoffs at this and reasons to Gus that since he, Walt, is still alive that means that Jesse wouldn’t cook for Gus if he, Walt, were dead.

Jesse screams: “What about him [Mike]?”

Walt weighs a buncha the blue stuff. Gus takes off the sack. Walt asks Saul to make an anonymous call to the DEA in one hour warning that Gus Fringe is going to kill Hank Schroeder. Gus and Jesse must walk 6 miles to their transport car back to America. In bursts Walt (ignorant of Ted) asking about Saul’s witness protection. Gus fires Walt, and tells him not to talk to Pinkman. Skylar rings Ted’s doorbell, Ted trips over a rug interrupting his suave stride to the door

Cybergambling returns — and this time it’s legal

H2 said the industry was worth $33 billion in 2013, with $4.5 billion coming from mobile gambling on iPads, iPhones and smartphones.

Prohibition failed – again

Last month, the president and CEO of the American Gaming Association testified before Congress and urged legislators to repeal their 7-year-old ban on Internet gambling.

‘Last year, before a single state authorized legal online gaming, Americans spent nearly $3 billion.’

To prevent unauthorized access, Virgin Casino physically locates gamers’ cellphones periodically. 10. “That’s where I see the huge potential in online gambling, and I reckon the U.S. U.K. If your phone is off, or if you’re too near state borders, you may not be allowed to play.

“Prohibition simply does not work,” Geoff Freeman told a House panel on Dec. Gov. Not just poker.”

Not everyone agrees with the odds. Virgin could be holding a full house, but it could also fail before the flop.

Legalizing gambling across the U.S. To put that into further context, Americans accounted for nearly 10 percent of the entire $33 billion worldwide online gaming market,” Freeman said.

What happens online, stays online

Six other firms, including popular companies like WSOP.com and Ultimate Poker and other casinos like Caesars and the Golden Nugget, participated in the “soft play” launch of online gambling in New Jersey in November, the state’s Department of Gaming Enforcement Director Dave Rebuck said during a recent conference call.

Players must be at least 21 years old, and either reside in New Jersey or be in the state when they place their bets. will generate – in addition to tax revenue from the proceeds at casinos – approximately 22,000 new online gambling-related jobs, Freeman testified.

- Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association

Congress banned online gambling in 2006. will catch up to the rest of the world and allow it at some point.”

Mega-entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Virgin Group is the latest entry in online gambling, teaming with the Tropicana Resort in Atlantic City and online game maker Gamesys to bring online poker, blackjack and slots to New Jersey this week. market could be worth as much as $9 billion in the coming years as other states, including California, legalize online wagering.

“Those from other states can play, but they cannot wager,” Fenton said. market research firm H2 Gambling Capital, which focuses on the gaming industry, predicted about $300 million for New Jersey’s online casinos — or about $45 million in tax revenue, according to the New York Times. — notably sports betting.

“In sports gambling, it’s about the bet,” DeGaris said. But new laws across the nation are rolling the rules back — and lawmakers think they’re holding a royal flush.

Globally, the business is even more lucrative.

Freeman said the Department of Justice has relaxed its views toward online gambling since 2011, and this could open up even more opportunities in the U.S. “Blackjack and poker have a very human element that’s lost online. They play against the house at Virgin Casino, and they can finance their wagers with debit cards, credit cards, or in person.

“Slots and roulette are very visceral games, lots of bells and whistles. “The technology is rolling out this week.”

“There will be many games to play online in New Jersey,” Fenton told FoxNews.com. “The federal government has tried the prohibition approach – specifically the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 and the Wire Act – and through multiple Justice Department crackdowns on offshore operators as well.”

“It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out,” said Laurence DeGaris, associate professor of marketing at the University of Indianapolis and an expert in Internet culture.

“Last year, before a single state authorized legal online gaming, Americans spent nearly $3 billion on illegal, unregulated offshore gaming sites. “If we are unable to determine that you are in New Jersey, you will be unable to play on Virgin Casino,” the site notes. “Blackjack, slots. Chris Christie validated the vice in the waning weeks of 2013, saying he hoped to rake in $1 billion in casino revenues this year, of which the state will collect a 17 percent tax.

But analysts are mostly rolling with Christie and the casinos. That doesn’t translate online,” DeGaris told FoxNews.com. Others predict the overall U.S. In online casino gambling, it’s about the game more than the bet.”

Many Americans simply ignored the ban, he noted, as the country did during Prohibition in the ’20s.

And New Jersey isn’t alone; eight other states have bills in the works that will allow Internet gambling as well. Nevada and Delaware also began offering some online gambling last year, but New Jersey is the first state to “fully” legalize it, said Lee Fenton, the chief operating officer of Gamesys.

Online Keno and Keno’s Origin! by James Murray

These companies employed thousands of Chinese immigrants to build the railway systems that exist today. The Pigeon Game, that is what the Chinese keno game was called because’s the results of these games where transported to villages from cities by carrier pigeon which in turn became hugely popular. More people today play this very popular casino game then ever, and with the explosion in online bingos and online casinos the future is bright for this game.

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. It took no time in North America for the popularity of Keno to explode.

Online Keno and Online Bingo roughly have the same origin and are linked, plus follow similar online casinos rules. The game, Keno spread all over China and was a great way to raise funds for construction and in many other areas in the empire, instead on taxing the citizens more.

Keno is an old (now online casino) game that originated in China and was played over 3000 years ago by the Chinese people. The reason how the game, Keno, came to be was that in China, the emperor needed, funds to help pay for things like the Great Wall, to protect his cities, and villages, and money to fund his war crusades. They also used character sets instead of the 80 numbers that is used today in online casinos and land-based casinos.

Chinese immigrants brought the game, Keno, over to North America when 19th century railroads where being built. Many Chinese played this game for entertainment which lead to non Chinese people starting to play

Atlantic City’s fortunes wane as gamblers decamp

Most recently, the Trump Plaza notified their employees it expects to shut down in September. All Rights Reserved.

When legalized in 1976, gambling was supposed to reclaim the allure of New Jersey’s boardwalk empire.


Mayor Don Guardian. “And we’re only going to be replacing them with 600, 700 jobs in the next year.”

CBS News

There are now 35 casinos within driving distance of New Jersey. So I’m willing to do anything I have to so that my family stays afloat,” she says.

Mayor Guardian says the key to a comeback in Atlantic City is to provide more entertainment than just gambling. Then in June, Caesars Entertainment Corporation announced it was shutting its Mardi Gras-themed casino Showboat. Las Vegas has successfully did that more than a decade ago, and now gaming accounts for less than half of its tourism dollars.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. Over the course of seven months, his city will lose more than 3,000 jobs. Also, the two-year-old Las Vegas-style mega casino Revel, which has never turned a profit, announced it is filing for bankruptcy. I have a daughter to raise. Together, those casinos make up more than 6,000 jobs or 20 percent of the work force.

But competition for online gambling and out-of-state casinos like New York’s Empire City has hurt Atlantic City’s bottom-line.

Don Guardian is the mayor of Atlantic City. And you know, we need health benefits. — In January, the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel was the first casino to announce it is closing its doors.


Melanie Gillespie has been a cocktail waitress at Showboat for 18 years. “Well I have to do something. She has already been warned she could be laid off by the end of August. The city’s casino revenue has plunged from a high of $5.2 billion in 2006 to just $2.9 billion last year.

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How do the Vegas sportsbooks calculate the money-line odds for NFL?

Then it is put in the hands of the actual odds makers who may use magic, witchcraft, sorcery or just plain experienced intuition to come up with the final results. Those who guess well will remain employed, those who don’t will be out..

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